LED Wireless Motion Sensor Light FAQ

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Hvis lampen lyser konstant, så skal batterierne skiftes.

Have questions on your Mr Beams LED wireless motion sensor light? Check out our frequently asked questions below, including how the lights work, how long the batteries last and the different types of lights we offer. If you don’t see your question here, please contact us for additional support!

How do Mr Beams LED wireless motion sensor lights work?

All Mr Beams lights (except the UltraBright Lantern) have light sensors, motion sensors and auto-shut off. This allows the lights to only work in darkness, when motion is sensed and will shut off after the auto-shut off time listed in the instructions. View our Installation Videos for more details under each product you are interested in.

How do I test my Mr Beams motion sensing light?

To test a Mr Beams Motion Sensing Light before installation or at any time, it is recommended to always use fresh batteries and take it into a dark room. Leave the room to avoid your motion retriggering it. The light will shut off after a minute or two (the motion sensor may need time to settle immediately after putting the batteries in). When you walk into the room, the motion sensor should trigger turning the light on. We recommend waiting for the auto shut off to turn the light off prior to installing to verify there are not issues with the batteries you’ve inserted.

Do I need special batteries for my Mr Beams motion sensing light?

You can purchase regular alkaline batteries at any store. If preferred, you can also purchase NiMH rechargeable batteries.

How often will I need to replace batteries?

Each light is designed to get one year’s worth of light on each set of batteries with average use of 8-10 activations a day. If your lights are in a high traffic area or are exposed to extreme temperatures, your battery lifespan will be less than one year.

How do I install my light?

Please navigate on the site to the product you have purchased. For each product you can find the install guide / user manual and installation video as well.

Do you offer a motion sensing light that will activate in daylight?

All Mr Beams LED wireless motion sensor lights were designed to only activate in darkness. However, if you’d like to install a light in a location that may not be dark enough, we have offered to remove the light sensor as a special request. If you’ve already purchased your light and would like further instruction on removing the light sensor yourself, please go to the following page

Do you offer a motion sensing light that stays on for long periods of time?

Currently, the majority of our Mr. Beams LED wireless motion sensor lights were designed with an auto shut-off feature to conserve battery life. Without the auto-shut off you run the risk of draining your batteries within a short period of time. However, we do now offer a new MB371/MB370 spotlight, which will allow you to leave your light on for 1 or 4 hour periods. Since this product offers 3 levels of brightness, you can also help control the battery drain by lowering the lumens when the light is on for an extended time..

Can Mr Beams products be used outdoors?

Yes! All of our Mr Beams products were designed with weatherproof seals to hold up in harsh weathers and water – with the exception of the MB852 / MB862 Slim Lights and the MB702 / MB706 Mini Stick Anywhere Lights. Note- Mr Beams products are water-resistant, but should not be submerged in water.

Will cold weather affect my light?

Your Mr Beams light will not be affected by cold weather, however, the light may appear dimmer in colder weather because the batteries are providing less power. We recommend Lithium batteries if you live in colder temperatures.

What are lumens?

A lumen is the total amount of light emitted by a light source. More lumens means more light. Mr Beams lights are anywhere between 10 lumens and 300 lumens. To find out how many lumens and what product(s) would work for your needs, check out our Brightness Comparison images to see how bright each of our LED lights are.

Where can I find user guides and installation guides for your products?

If you happen to lose your user guide, you can then click on the red button “Download Install guide” under each product page, it will start the download of a PDF file

The user guide is confusing; is there another way for me to learn how to install my light?

As an alternative to user guides, we also have installation videos for each Mr Beams product. There are two ways to get to your respective installation video: you can either go to your product page and click on the installation video below the product specifications.

Sensor angle of the lamps?

The sensor operates in an 120 degree angle

NetBright® LED Motion Security Light FAQ

What makes Mr Beams® Spotlights with NetBright Technology different from other Mr Beams Spotlights?

NetBright Technology allows the spotlights to be part of a wireless network and communicate with each other. For example, when one spotlight on the network detects motion, it sends a signal to all other spotlights on the network to turn on; allowing you to illuminate a larger area simultaneously.

Will NetBright Spotlights work with other Mr Beams lights?

No. Only spotlights with NetBright Technology have the ability to communicate with each other. While there are plans to incorporate NetBright Technology into more lights in the future, such as path lights, the spotlights specifically made with NetBright Technology are currently the only lights that can be networked.

How do you create different networks or zones?

NetBright dipswitchesIn each light, there are two dipswitches next to the battery compartment. To create a network, match the position of the switches on each light you want on that network.

If you’d like multiple networks, simply set the switches to a unique position and ensure all the lights on that network have matching switches.

For more detailed instructions, watch our setup video below.

How many LED motion security lights can you set to each network?

You can add up to 50 lights to each network, which can have a connectivity range of up to 150 feet.

Why won’t all my lights on the network turn on when one detects motion?

It’s possible not all the lights are on the same network. Double check to make sure the position of the dipswitches match on each of the lights. If they do match, try changing the switches to a new network to see if that clears the problem. If you’re still having trouble getting all the lights on the network to turn on, please contact our customer service leader.

Still have a question about your Spotlight with NetBright Technology? Ask our customer service leader by calling +45 38 71 69 59 or emailing us at: info@scanlico.dk

ReadyBright® Power Outage Lights FAQ

Take a look at our frequently asked questions below regarding ReadyBright Power Outage Lights, including how the system works together and how to use multiple flashlights with the lights. Have a question on your ReadyBright lights that you don’t see here? Contact us for additional support!

How does the ReadyBright system work?

The ReadyBright Flashlight/Remote will send a signal via remote control and/or during a power outage to any ReadyBright power outage lights. Note: The Mr Beams line of motion activated lights will not work with the ReadyBright Flashlight/Remote.

Can I use multiple Flashlight/Remotes in my home?

Yes, you can purchase any number of ReadyBright Flashlights in your home.

Do ReadyBright lights also activate with motion?

No, ReadyBright power outage lights are only activated with the Power Outage Flashlight when the power goes out OR using the Flashlight as a remote to turn on the lights at anytime.

What if I’m not home and the power goes out?

The ReadyBright system has a 30-minute auto-shut off to conserve batteries if you are not home. If the Flashlight/Remote is not pulled out of the outlet or used within 30 minutes, all lights will turn off.

What is the red light on my ReadyBright light?

The red light on your ReadyBright light will go on when the batteries are low. This is an indication that you should change the batteries.