Mr Beams Spotlight Ground Stake

Mr Beams Spotlight Ground Stake

Mr Beams Spotlight Ground Stake

EAN no: MB120-BRN-01
Item no: MB120-BRN-01

The Mr Beams Spotlight Ground Stake allows you to get more from your Mr Beams spotlight. Attach your spotlight to the stake for unique and specific applications, such as lighting a garden, entryway, pathway, porch, patio and campsite.

By mounting your spotlight in the ground, you can have the brightness of a security spotlight combined with convenient installation for versatile outdoor lighting. Install your spotlight with the stake at doorways and pathways to provide safety lighting for guests; at gardens to ward off animals; around campsite perimeters for essential security lighting.

The stake allows for tool-free installation; simply attach the spotlight after removing it from its original mounting base and insert the stake into the ground.

The Spotlight Ground Stake is compatible with:

  • MB330/MB360 Original Spotlight
  • MB360XT LED Spotlight
  • MB370/MB371 Spotlight with Remote Control
  • MB380/MB390 UltraBright Spotlight
  • MBN340/MBN350 NetBright Spotlight

The product installed and in use:

Mr Beams lighting are making headlines!

“The Best Battery-Powered Light to Install in a Closet”

The Wall Street Journal

“A unique and compact solution”

The New York Times

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